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Jan Amos Comenius Operational Program (OP JAK)

CHR is participating in the CoRE project titled "Beyond Security: The Role of Conflict in Strengthening Resilience" (CZ.02.01.01/00/22_008/0004595), which is implemented under the call for "Top Research" of the Jan Amos Comenius Operational Program (OP JAK). This is an extensive project involving universities and experts across the Czech Republic. It includes a five-year research plan focusing on "Conflict in an International Context: Strategic Regions." Collaborating teams led by Prof. Helena Hofmannová from the Center for Constitutionalism and Human Rights at Charles University's Faculty of Law, Prof. Ondřej Císař from the Institute of Sociological Studies at Charles University's Faculty of Social Sciences, and Prof. Emil Aslan from the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University's Faculty of Social Sciences will primarily analyze international developments in so-called "strategic regions" (such as the Visegrád Group area, the Caucasus, or Southeast Asia) from the perspective of "cultural wars" or actual conflicts (e.g., Russian aggression in Ukraine or relations and potential armed conflict between China and Taiwan). Outputs from this multi-year research will include publications in prestigious legal journals within the first or second quartile of internationally recognized impact metrics, as well as long-term research visits by foreign professors to Charles University's Faculty of Law and by Czech researchers abroad, both within Europe and beyond. This will be followed by a lecture series on the development of cultural wars and internal conflicts for central government authorities, media, exporters, and others.

In parallel research projects within the same project, dozens of researchers, including additional international law experts from Charles University's Faculty of Law, are involved.

In addition to conventional topics related to conflicts in strategic regions, OP JAK seeks to support research that delves deeply into modern phenomena that are currently driving global conflicts but have been largely overlooked in legal science (at least in the Czech context) until now. These phenomena include the struggle between "genderism" and "antigenderism," the alignment of the far right across continents with radically misogynistic positions, and "anti-Westernism" in the non-Western world, which is the theory of alternative modernization visions versus liberal democracy. Nonetheless, the central aim of the project remains the development of a comparative and trans-regional perspective based on the study of significant regions from the perspective of Czech interests.


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