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The project "Human Rights in the European Constitutional Order" represents an innovative step towards raising awareness of human rights and European law at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague. The project aims to develop a 40-hour course in English focusing on a deeper exploration of human rights protection within the European Union. Participants will become acquainted with key documents such as the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and understand the role of the European Court of Justice in this field.

One of the main elements of the course is a focus on the protection of vulnerable groups, including the LGBT+ community, migrants, ethnic minorities, and religious minorities. The course will offer both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the area of European law related to human rights. Additionally, it will provide a platform for open dialogue among students, teachers, and the broader public about the importance of human rights protection within the EU.

The project also includes a series of roundtable discussions serving as a forum for the presentation of students' research results and active discussion among participants. The best student works will be published electronically, enabling the dissemination of their findings to a wider audience.

Overall, the project aims to raise awareness of human rights standards in the EU and promote active dialogue between the academic sphere and society. In this way, it continues the historical tradition of studying European constitutional law at the Faculty of Law of Charles University and contributes to the richness of intellectual discourse in this area.

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