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Series "Human Rights Now"

"Human Rights Now" is a project of the CHR, which will gradually publish expert analyses of contemporary human rights issues in the Centre's research areas.
Their purpose is to provide deeper insight into human rights and related constitutionalist issues of the present day.

Between dignity and exclusion: the LGBTQ+ in the judicature of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic



Helena Hofmannová - September 2022

The protection of the status of LGBTQ+ people often manifests itself as a sharp dilemma between the advocates of traditional values and the advocates of values brought about by the dynamics of social development. It is a complex and sensitive issue that touches on issues of tradition, religion, morality, and at the same time constitutional principles and tenets such as equality, protection of autonomy and privacy, and human dignity. Opinions on both sides of the debate are strong and fraught with tension, not least because they also mirror some of the perennial dilemmas of constitutional democracy, such as the dispute over what can still be considered public and what, on the contrary, constitutes the private sphere of the individual.

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