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prof. Daniel H. Halberstam

Daniel H. Halberstam is a professor at the University of Michigan, teaching US Constitutional Law, European Union Law, Comparative Constitutional Law and Global Governance. He served as the law school's Vice Dean for Faculty and Research from 2017-2020. He is an internationally recognized expert on constitutional law and federalism and one of the principal architects of the theory of constitutional pluralism, writing more generally on comparative public law and legal theory.

prof. Donald H. Regan

Donald H. Regan is a professor of law and philosophy at the University of Michigan. He teaches and writes about international trade law, particularly the impact of trade law on national health, safety, and environmental regulation; on moral and political philosophy, with a special interest in the theory of the good; and on constitutional law, concentrating on federalism issues.

dr. Paul Linden-Retek, Ph.D.

Paul Linden-Retek is an associate professor at the University at Buffalo, New York. His research areas include comparative constitutional and international law, with an accent on European Union law, human rights, constitutional theory, and refugee law. His academic work has been published in reputable journals, including the International Journal of Constitutional Law and the Yale Journal of International Law.

prof. Moritz Jesse 

prof. Darinka Piqani

prof. Christopher J. McCrudden

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